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Our convenient mobile optician services:

  • eye examination
  • wide variety of frames
  • advice on lens options
  • magnifiers


Luxembourg-based optometrist Manuela Weis launched the Home Care service in 2007 to offer specialised optician services to people from the comfort of their home or place of work, residences for senior citizens and disabled people, and care homes.

This convenient solution is primarily intended for people who are unable to visit their local optician due to restricted mobility for health or age reasons. People on a tight schedule or with business commitments are also able to take advantage of this entirely individual, competent service.


The mobile service package includes an eye examination using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, a repair service, and individual advice on the selection of appropriate frames, lenses and magnifiers.

The same conditions apply for the reimbursement of costs by health insurance companies as for eye examinations performed at your local optician.

The highly-qualified optometrist’s 25 years of experience and digital technology enable precise eye examinations in any location. Allowing you to try visual aids such as magnifiers and computer glasses in familiar reading and work environments.

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Mobile optician services

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